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Current Products Being Tested.

1) AGL Hybridol I = Fruity Pebbles (Dicks OG Kush x Ghost OG) Crumble 80.36 6983 (THC 80.36%)

2) Theraplant Natybrid Shatter (H) Brain OG x Original Haze T80 7083 (THC 80%)

3) CPS Detonex Flower T27% 7349 = Gorilla Bomb (GG#4 x THC Bomb) T27% 7349 (THC 27%)




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Welcome to my world..

Yes, I am willing to unbox & critique your company's product or service on my channel during Compound, Concentrate's & Coffee with my viewers. contact to exchange information.

6/17/2021 Congratulations to Connecticut. the 19th State to Recreationalize Cannabis for Adult Use.


Ct Medical Marijuana Critic is now Sponsored by Great Minds Coffee Roasters

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Yes, I am that Infamous Critic who's LIVE Show Was Swatted on air 3/6/19 as well as 3/8/19 just check out my YouTube Shows on both these night's if you missed it.

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Ct Medical Marijuana Critic

Twitter: @compound_coffee

Snapchat: compound_coffee

M-F 8:20am Sat 9:20am  Sun 10:20am.
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News/Articles/Links Regarding Ct MMJ.

06/22/2021 Connecticut Cannabis Bill signed. We become the 19th State to Legalize Cannabis for Recreational Use.


Legalized Adult Use of Cannabis goes into effect in Ct. 5 Ounces in your home. 1 1/2 Ounces on your person at any time. Can be consumed anywhere Cigarettes and Vaping is allowed.

​06/17/21 Legalization of Cannabis in Ct becomes Law.

 Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program data

NO I will not help you score some good bud so let's get that right out here. However if you are serious about the program and possibly interested in becoming a patient like myself and so many others then by all means email me by clicking on the box marked with -- Contact The Critic Click Here -- and I will try to point you in the right direction..


Thank you for visiting my site over the last few years & our world of Cannabis in Ct along with it's medications. I hope you have gained some insight into our choices & as always if you have a question just click away on the words Contact The Critic Click Here.
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